CIIN is an independent online magazine, providing up-to-the-minute fashion news, styling concepts and industry insider information to the modern woman, we don’t have a target age group, because really, age is just a number.

A dedicated team of accomplished fashion professionals, some of us have been in fashion since Tom Ford was at Gucci, Others, tech savvy, little young things, were aged 4 at that time. Together we bring the best of both worlds.

Sharing deep knowledge of the fashion world. Our trained eye identifying the next big thing, you are in good hands. Passionate about fashion and committed to the highest levels of research and technology, we will always provide you with the most current, detailed, focused and relevant service.

Loyalty to our viewers is paramount, we will always have your back, guaranteeing you the best fashion advice out there.


We don’t talk much, we think a photo is worth a thousand words. We want you to hear your heart flutter with new understanding and your mind rejoice with the potential you possess.

We are inspired and captivated with stories of the bold, opening our minds to the possibilities. Shining the light on the unbeaten path. Celebrating our uniqueness and common heritage.

Our insatiable curiosity and hand-picked style leaders will send you on your journey of discovery and enriching experience that will inspire you to share with others.

This is how çiin was born.



C means alot to us…

SEEN, because in fashion you need to see to grow. To be exposed to a world beyond your borders. They say you are born with personal style but how does your style evolve? By discovering, by experimenting, by seeing…

SCENE, because fashion is the chicest tribe. Check out the fashion scenes and see where you belong, or create your own…

SEEN, signifies a question in Arabic, join our conversation, ask questions or answer them, it’s the dialogue that matters…

CIIN, the letter S in Arabic, a letter close to our hearts. We grew up with it’s beautiful calligraphic curves, fashioning the tips of the letter, depending on our moods. Perhaps this is how our love affair with fashion started…