, March 29, 2018
by Hala Oran

Your Skincare Spring Cleanup Starts Here!!

As the weather gets warmer and we start shedding layers of clothing and updating our wardrobe for spring, we should remember to do the same with our skincare routine. With the outside temperatures rising and the indoor heating lowered, dryness is not much of an issue anymore and we have to adapt our routine accordingly. And with summer rapidly approaching you need to start updating your skincare routine with our 9 tips below…

1 || Switch To Light-Weight Cleansers

Cleansing oils are great especially during the winter months working double duty hydrating while cleansing. However come spring and we should switch to lighter weight cleansers such as foams that can remove makeup and impurities while helping the skin retain its natural hydration.

2 || Use Water-Based Moisturisers

It is time to switch from oil-based moisturisers to water-based moisturisers or serums. Even though the dry spell is almost over yet our skin still needs the hydration. Aim for products with hyaluronic acid for best results.

3 || Always Wear Sunscreen.

Even on overcast days the sun rays still manage to get through. Make sunscreen application a fixed staple of your daily skincare routine.

4 || Don’t Forget Your Lips

Wearing gloss under sunlight can actually cause lip burn, something we didn’t think could really happen! Yes, and guess what, lip pigmentation is actually a thing. Though you may not see it now but you will in five or 10 years if you don’t protect your lips with SPF-infused products.

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5 || Embrace Mineral Powders

Mineral powders are the perfect go-to product during spring, as they provide the needed amount of coverage by absorbing extra oils during warmer weather and reflecting the sun. They are also infused with skin protecting ingredients such as zinc, antioxidants, and probably a certain degree of SPF.

6 || Tinted Moisturisers Are A Saviour

Tinted moisturisers save us the bother of moisturising and applying foundation or coverage in any form, thus using fewer layers and not overloading our skin. All the best if they also include SPF.

7 || Collagen Goals

Another thing you might want to transition to is a moisturiser that doubles as a collagen supplement. While your skin needs less hydration during warmer weather but you still need to protect against free radicals and support your collagen.

8 || Prep Your Lashes

Start using a lash strengthener or stimulator as part of your updated beauty routine. By summertime you can afford to go mascara-free and your beach face will thank you for it!

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9 || Go Easy On Retinoids

Using retinoids requires protecting your skin from sun exposure, therefore it is advised to undergo such treatments during the winter months. However, if you simply cannot let go of your retinol cream then make sure to switch to a time-released product, or one with a lower potency (switching from gel to cream). And make sure to use sunscreen religiously.

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