, February 4, 2018
by Hala Oran

Your Love Horoscopes For 2018 Are Here!

Admit it ladies…. how many of you checks her horoscopes on daily basis and how many actually consult the stars before embarking on … basically anything! Well for those of you who know me, know how enamoured I am with anything that has to do with the zodiac. And today, to mark the month of Love….I felt like checking out what the love stars have in store for us this year… hope you enjoy..


Compromise is the key word for your this year Aries if you’re already in a relationship. But if you’re not, then you don’t have to wait for long as Uranus and Neptune will enter and initiate all the fun and excitement you need. Hopefully June will bring along that special someone, while August will stimulate your social connections.


So the stars feel that you and your partner should investigate how self-centred you both may have become! IF you’ve been going through some issues, now is the time for some serious self reflection and try to do this before August. For the singles out there, there is a great window of opportunity between February and June for a relationship that has great potential.


The stars want you Gemini to lean on your partner more this year. Try to relate to your partner more emotionally and less mentally. Try to initiate some passion come July, and become more attuned to your partner’s feelings. If you’re single, then Pluto has something to say this year. It could change your convictions and help you veer towards something different and very exciting.

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Jupiter and Saturn are giving your relationship some peaceful vibes this years. Stop clinging to your partner though as this will endanger this peace. If you’re single, an old relationship may find its way back to you… don’t resist it this time!


Jupiter and Saturn may create some tensions for you Leo with your significant other. You are advised to become more honest and open or you may risk further alienating your partner. Take action quickly and you will be ok by August! If you’re single, you are encouraged to remove your self-imposed road blocks and be open to the unlikeliest partners.


Despite being very close to your partner yet you feel there’s a lack of intimacy then you are not imagining things. Listen and give advice just don’t rock the boat. IF you’re single, your confidence will shine through in June; you can expect some new and exciting opportunities.


Neptune will enter and clear out all the ego-centred obstacles you both were facing. If you’re single some new romances will pop up though they may be short-term. Don’t resist the much-needed rest you didn’t know you needed.


Uranus may be stirring up some dissatisfaction with your partner, especially as your life takes on a more hectic course. But Neptune can help settle things down, while Jupiter and Uranus will help you and your partner relax and lighten up. If you’re single, you may find yourself drawn to a mysterious relationship at the beginning of the year. Be grounded however, as jealousy may rock things if you are not being aware.


You will reach new levels of closeness with your partner. If you have not been in tune with your partner, June will offer a chance for you to push things forward and make a decision. If you’re single, the stars will offer you new opportunities towards the end the year. A very special person is expected to make an appearance.


Uranus will help increase your confidence about the future. IF you get involved too quickly you risk facing some challenges. If you’re single, romance is ripe from February to June, just make sure you show your sensitive side.


Pluto will help you face your problems head on. You may need to disentangle yourself from unhealthy unions. June will bring around great opportunities, while August will bring you love according to your set of rules.

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Communication is the key for Pisceans this year. You and your partner will need to find a balance between your decisiveness and evasiveness, though honesty remains the key. If you’re single, Neptune is offering you some very meaningful relationships this year.

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Feb 4, 2018