Amman, June 4, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Your Future Is Hair || 3 Textures And Their Best-Matching Products

What hair products actually work best for you? Since we’ve all got different hair textures, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Often times you go for a hair cut or a specific treatment just to realize later on it was simply a fail.. The reason behind this is mainly not knowing what hair texture you’ve got, so don’t blame the scissors or the products you used.. Usually, we need more than one product to reach hair-goals we’ve set for ourselves, whether it’s smoothing out frizzies or adding volume to lifeless strands.

Below, we categorized hair according to texture, and paired those with their best product matches..

1 || If You Have Fine and Flat Hair…

In this case your goal would probably be adding some volume and bringing life back into your hair without weighing your strands down. Always choose a volumizing spray at the root to give hair a lot of body and finish with a lightweight balm styler to add sheen and hold. This feather-like combo gives strands controllable movement, so you don’t have hair that is sticking to your scalp.

An Example Of A Winning Combo For Fine Hair

2 || If You Have Wavy Hair

Wavy locks of hair usually fall in between straight and curly textures. You can have fine or thick wavy hair.. For the fine texture, anti-frizz ingredients such as serums and sprays, should be pro-moisture, those products will help to give your hair hold and shine without looking greasy.. As for thicker hair that’s wavy, opt for a hydrating lotion or cream such as leave-in conditioners and apply the product on your ends so your waves don’t lose their form. Finish with a spritz of lightweight hair spray to lock in your style.

Thin Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy hair

An Example Of A Winning Combo For Wavy Hair

3 || If You Have Curly Hair

One word; moisture.. Whether your curls are S-shaped or super coil-y, experts agree that moisture is key.. Enhancing the natural curl pattern by using a cocktail of products such as a moisture cream with a curl gel works to create separation within the curls while hydrating the hair. As for the consistency of the cream and gel, you have to identify again if you have fine or thick hair, just like wavy hair above. For finer hair, opt for a lotion or milk, while thicker textures should choose a thicker cream.

Thin Curly Hair

Thick Curly Hair

An Example Of A Winning Combo For Curly Hair

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Jun 4, 2018