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#1 The Distressed Denim Jacket

Marques Almeida were on a mission, and it has been accomplished, the distressed denim jacket, created by them has caught on like wild fire, and you need to own one. Frayed, tattered and torn, this is your new denim jacket. Don't be constrained by the traditional denim jacket shape, get creative, a motorbike jacket in frayed denim, a combat jacket, a bomber…all good.


#2 The Black Ribbon

The black ribbon tie on blouses is all the rage, no matter how thin or thick, as long as you have one.

#3 The Open Toe Bootie

Let's show our toes for a little longer with these open toe shoes, that will see you through to November.

#4 The Lace Up

Flats, heels, boots, booties, they all work, just add laces.

#5 The Lace Bib

That vertical center panel that adds a Victorian feel, and brings the attention to your face and jawbone.