You’ll Never Guess What Pregnant Blake’s Latest Movie Is About!


You have probably been seeing alot of Blake Lively these past few weeks as she promotes her latest movie ‘The Shallows’. We spotted her on the Cannes red carpets in some smashing evening wear, and now in the US in both evening and daytime looks.

What may not have been apparent is that the pregnant Blake Lively is actually promoting a movie about a bikini-clad surfer who is fighting off a killer shark while stranded on a rock just 200 yards from shore! She speaks of the film to E! news and describes the physically challenging role she had to play on 8 months after giving birth to her first child, her daughter James.

Not one to give too much credit to herself, Blake gives credit to trainer Don Saladino saying,

"I worked out with an amazing trainer Don Saladino ”He kicked my butt. It was also eight months after having a baby so my body was already completely different than what it normally was. Not just aesthetically but also your muscles are different, your body, everything is just shifted and changed."


Actress Blake Lively adopted a caveman diet to boost her strength throughout the gruelling The Shallows shoot.

She radically altered the types of food she was eating by adopting a form of paleo diet, which is thought to consist of the kinds of meals early humans ate while hunting and gathering thousands of years ago.

"It was my job to train. No gluten, no soy, and then no processed foods. I had butter, I had sugar, I had all that stuff. It was just making my own stuff. I guess it was close to paleo... it was nice to eat clean like that.”

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