Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, October 12, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

You’ll Be Needing This Handy Styling Trick This Winter

We have mixed feelings about Winter clothing, we love the plush textures and layering just as much as we hate covering them up with a winter coat.It almost feel like all of our efforts have gone down the drain.

The songstress Fergie applied one of our favorite styling tricks to her PFW wardrobe.At the Rick Owens show in Paris she was seen wearing on her shoulders a coat with a white silk lining.This white lining created a contrast to her black ensemble which immediately allowed her hourglass silhouette to pop.

Yes the trick is indeed in the lining of your winter coat, when it’s black, and invariably it is, it creates a blob of darkness simply because winter lends itself to a darker wardrobe.Even if you are wearing a fuchsia top, you will probably wear a dark bottom, and there goes your silhouette down the drain with your dark lining.

Take your coat to the tailor and ask him/her to change the lining to a bright color or even just bright white, and see your silhouette pop the next time round.In case you are wondering, you don’t need to have your coat on your shoulders for this to work…

Oct 12, 2017