Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, October 15, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

You Don’t Need A New Jacket Just A Style Update

You don’t need to go out an buy even more Fall jackets, your trench and cargo jacket from last year will do fine once you spruce them up with some Fall trend tricks. CIIN offers you 8 tricks of the trade…

1 || Put a belt on it

The single most important piece to your wardrobe this season is the belt. If your jacket doesn’t have a belt add one. The one thing to keep in mind is how wide the belt should be relative to the amount of fabric in the coat. The more fabric in the coat the wider the belt should be.

2 || Take off the self-belt and add a leather belt

If your jacket is belted, chances are it will be a self-belt in the same fabric as the jacket.Take off that belt and replace it with a leather belt in a contrast color.You can also get creative with the way you tie your belt, it doesn’t need to go through the buckle…

3 || Change the lining

Fergie used this trick the other day.If the lining on your coat is dark or just plain boring add some pizzaz to it by changing the color of the lining to a bright color (even if it is just bright white) that will contrast with your outfit and show off your silhouette.

4 || Shorten the Sleeves

No, we are not suggesting that you cut your sleeves, merely shorten them. This can be achieved but rolling the sleeves up in the ‘Jenna Lyons’ way. The woman credited with J. Crew’s rise to fame (before it fell again) has a great way of rolling up sleeves,click here to check it out.

Alternatively you can shorten the lining of the sleeves by two inches, this will instantly ruche the sleeves and make them shorter.

5 || Color blocking

Work on your 3 way color combinations to create interest.Matching two colors together is good, matching three is great. Yellow and beige with a hint of green work fabulously together, as do orange, burgundy and khaki. If you have a great red sweater try matching it to a dark beige trench and a touch of white or creme.

6 || Put it on your shoulders

This is the sure-fire way to add elegance to your keep your jacket on your shoulders. Add to it a pair of dramatic shoes and you have nailed the number one French woman’s styling trick.

7 || Leave a gap

If you were to consider your jacket as part of your outfit and not just a coverup, then the smartest thing to do would be to tie it so your silhouette shows, yet keep a gap down the center to show off the complete outfit and complementing jacket all at once.

8 || Tie it in the back

A lot of the times you are dressed so well under the jacket that you want to show it off. Tie your jacket in the back, this cinches the waist and allows you to showcase your great outfit.

Oct 15, 2017