, December 10, 2017
by Hala Oran

Yes You Can Have Your Pie But Try Not To Eat It

Beauty Pie is a name you might need to memorise, as it will the change the way you shop for makeup for ever. Luxury beauty products at factory prices is a concept that we cannot grasp but one that is materialising with the launch of Beauty Pie. And one that we can foresee taking over the beauty industry in no time.

Marcia Kilgore, the name behind Beauty Pie is one business oriented lady in the sense that she made a few adjustments to the way people go about creating a makeup brand to make it eco-friendly and extremely affordable. First of all, Kilgore deducted the cost of creating new formulas by purchasing the best formulas out there directly from the labs therefore, skipping the costly and lengthy process of creating formulas.

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Moreover, Kilgore decided to cut the middle man and thus her products are only sold online. She even went further as to be completely transparent about the exact costs that go into the launch of a product such as the price of packaging and the markup applied. And for the serious shoppers out there, you can even subscribe to the website for added benefits and discounts.

Beauty Pie products come in sleek black packaging and they ship their merchandise in recycled materials maintaining their efforts to be environmentally sustainable. As for the products themselves, those who tried them swear by their Pro-Glow Highlighter that gives an instant glow that is easily buildable. Their Precision Eyeliner Marker is another top selling product especially with its ease of use and durability. The creme de la creme, however, is possibly their Everyday Great Skin Foundation, once you have tried this there is no going back….

Dec 10, 2017