Amman, August 10, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Did You Know That That Time Of The Month Has Some Fabulous Intimate Attire?

When that time of the month pays us its unwelcomed visit, it is literally adding insult to injury, pre-period is all about going nuts with the ridiculously insane mood swings! While during period days it’s having to deal with the heavy flow that comes along and tends to put us on guard mode.. Women are simply victims of the many undesirable episodes involving leaks and stains caused by pads slipping out of place, even the ones with wings might derail to a totally new direction.. CIIN introduces the rise of the period panties, yes you’ve heard right, those help trap moisture and completely stop embarrassing leaks while bleeding. As this might actually remind you of those high waisted granny style panties, fortunately that’s not the case! Many brands have been pretty innovative with their colors, shapes, cuts and styles.. Below our favourite picks!


Aug 10, 2017