Amman, November 29, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Why You Should Not Toss Silica Gels Sachets!

Let’s call them the beads of glory.. We are all familiar with those little silica gel sachets we find tucked into our newly bought shoes, clothes and pretty much everything else with the risk of getting ruined by moisture.. They may seem pretty useless but those silica gel packets -when accumulated with time- could prove to be useful. So instead of throwing them away, start collecting them, they will come in handy for many reasons CIIN will provide below..

1 || Wet Clothes…

Sometimes we just rush into packing after a beach holiday and end up reaching home with a mouldy smell diffusing from our suitcases.. Not the best case scenario for sure.. Throw the wet swimming costume in a different bag with a few silica gel packets. It absorbs the extra moisture while you're traveling, and leaves you with a freshly packed suitcase..

2 || Avoid Razors Oxidation…

We all end up having un-efficient disposable razors that are kept in bathrooms, as the process of oxidation can start to dull the blades earlier than they should …Keep razors in a tupperware container with about five silica gel packets and they'll last longer.


3 || Keep Gym Bags Fresh…

No one likes a stinky smelly gym bag. The packets reduce the damp build up and stop the odour-causing bacteria. While you're at it, shoving one in your stinky trainers will keep them fresh too. Everyone will thank you.

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This article was originally posted on 22 Feb, 2017

Nov 29, 2017