Amman, April 29, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Why You Should Fit In The Shirtdress Trend This Spring

Spring has bloomed and so has the latest trends, full force, with an abundance of fresh styles finally making their way and place in our Spring/ Summer wardrobe.. However, one of the most scrumptious fashion staples that has become ‘the thing’ is the shirtdress.

Why? Simple, as classic as it may sound like, the shirtdress is the most infinitely versatile fashion item that can handle any trend makeover, fit any body type and played around with bold accessories for a an added edge..

Reimagined then again by many designers this Spring, the shirtdress has re-emerged to prove once again that it is the backbone of almost any wardrobe.. Shirts have always been present there, matching them with our favorite denim styles, black trousers, and even skirts they have always been adding a twist to our look..

The most recent extension to the shirt has become the shirtdress, sans trousers that is, whether print or solid, knee-length, midi or maxi, the buttoned up, collared styles that can easily take us from day to night, best when furnished with accessories, bold ones that is, think about making an exquisite entrance with some of our chosen few below!!

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Apr 29, 2018