Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, April 3, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Why You Really Need this Product Between Your Beach Essentials

There is something very endearing and dependable about a product that has survived more than 50 years in the market. Our Bain de Soleil SPF4 orange gelee for tanning is one of those products and that’s why we have included it in our CIIN @thebeach Box.

We love the story behind it too… here it is as told by Bain de Soleil themselves :

In the 1920s, the famous, trend-setting Coco Chanel, sporting deeply sun-bronzed skin, turned tanning into a fashion statement. In 1925, capitalizing on this fashion trend, Monsieur Antonine of Paris developed an Orange Gelèe dark tanning formula called "Antoine de Paris". The Orange Gelèe formula continued to thrive in Europe into the 1940's when Lanvin, a New York based company introduced the silky sensuous gel in the United States as Antoine's Bain de Soleil...translated as Antoine's bath of the sun.

This almost vintage tanning gelee is infused with a gentle orange pigmentation that will ensure your tan turns that delicious golden color. The SPF 4 protects your skin just enough for a strong tan without the burn.

The old fashioned metal toothpaste tube is one of its most endearing features, you get just the amount you need every time without fear of getting it all over your swimwear as well. The fact that you can’t dig your paws into the formula means it stays protected, uncontaminated for longer.

Not keen on smelling like a coconut, this is the tube for you ! The gentle scent ensures that you smell great but not like cake… The mineral oil-based formula is moisturizing to your skin, don’t be fooled by all that oil you are slathering onto your skin, it doesn’t penetrate the skin…

How to get your hands on this delightful tube? It’s in our CIIN box! Click here to place your order.


Apr 3, 2017