Why We Should Boycott This Israeli Hatta Designer

palastanian hatta

Designer Dorit Bar Or launched her label in Tel Aviv in 2009, she says she "draws inspiration from her native Israel’s traditional dress.” Her modern take on beachwear is characterised by printed kaftans and hand embroidered pieces that incorporate both the red and black Arab hattas. Not sure about you, but her statement is as infuriating as it is untrue. Patronizing this designer is like a stab in the back of any Arab.

CIIN gives you eight fabulous designers that have turned the hatta into inspiring works of fashion, if you are in the mood for hatta, this is where to go!

Cecilie Copenhagen

This Danish company is now internationally renowned, thanks to the hatta. They don't claim to own the hatta, and give credit to the many Arab cultures that feature this design. Their styles are plenty and their cuts are great. You will find something to own from their vast collection.

Ghada Zada

Jordan based Ghada Zada has turned traditional hattas into a real fashion statement. Whether it's a summery poncho you are searching for or just a trendy kaftan, look no further.

Mashael Al Rajhi

Saudi based Mashael Al Rajhi is one of our favorite minimalist Arab designer, and she is going places. Her thoroghly modern collections are just as comfortable in our region as they are in New York.

May Khoury | Badr Al Duja

You should pass by May Khoury for the company first, she is a fabulously inspiring woman, her generosity of spirit will want you to go back again and again. Just as suited to be paired with some jeans her vast collection of modern kaftans are great fun and beautifully designed.


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Feb 8, 2016