, December 17, 2017
by Zein Nimri

Why Vitamins are Essential || Zein Nimri Breaks it Down

Vitamins are essential compounds that help the body grow and function optimally. Among other things, they boost your immune system, keep your nerves healthy, and help turn the food you eat into energy. A diet rich in a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, fortified dairy, whole grains, dried beans and lentils, lean meat and fish helps you get all the vitamins you need. But sometimes you need that extra push due to poor absorption.

Older adults have different needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals. For example, the right amount of calcium can help fend off osteoporosis in women. Vitamin D, which helps your body take in and use calcium, also helps prevent bone loss and fractures in older adults.

It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what you need. But if you have a balanced diet, you’re probably doing OK. However, If you’re still concerned, you should go for blood tests. Also – for athletes or the active population; I recommend taking certain supplements to replenish what we exert during our workouts for better recovery.

Vitamin D

This nutrient is made by the body from sunshine, helps you take in calcium and phosphorus, so it’s crucial for healthy bones and teeth. Older adults don’t make it as well, so supplements can help make you less likely to have bone loss and fractures. I take one 50000 Vitamin D tablet every month for maintenance.

vitamin D

Vitamin B12

This is important for keeping blood cells and nerve cells healthy. Aging affects how well you take in and use B12 from foods, so if you’re B12 is low-ish, it’s probably best to get your B12 from supplements or injections and of course B12- rich foods like meat, fish and dairy.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits, red and green bell peppers, along with other vegetables and fruits. It may help protect you from cataracts, help wound healing, and possibly lower your odds of having certain kinds of cancer. Studies show that Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of other vitamins like vitamin D.

vitamin c


It mainly helps keep your blood pressure and blood sugar levels steady. It’s also good for your bones. You can get it in assorted raw nuts, spinach, and dairy products, I personally take Magnesium before I sleep – it aids in the quality of my sleep and recovery from tough workouts. And also – it is important to note that magnesium is tricky; your blood works might give you good results, but you cannot really test the real level of magnesium in your body through blood – because bones are the real storage reservoir for Magnesium.

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10, this is made naturally in your body and found in most body tissues. It may help your immune system work better. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules. I take 30mg everyday just for maintenance.

Coenzyme Q10, nuts, meat, olive oil, corn oil

Fish oil

The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and some other fish may have cardiovascular benefits. Fish oil intake has also been associated with aiding the body in weight loss, fertility, pregnancy and increased energy. It also helps in raising HDL and lowering bad cholesterol levels.

fish oil

Zein Nimri is an AFPA certified sports nutritionist, NESTA kids nutritionist, long distance runner, cyclist and traveller with big dreams. Follow her on Instagram @Zeinutritionist she is also currently studying to become an “Eating Disorder Recovery Coach”.

Dec 17, 2017