, December 20, 2017
by Hala Oran

Who is Bill Cunningham Anyways!!

We wish Bill Cunningham was still here with us today to witness the extent of his influence and the reach of his legacy. The famed bicycle-riding street-style photographer died last year at the good old age of 87 while still seen out and about chronicling fashion trends. The world of Bill Cunningham will be the focus of upcoming documentary “The Times of Bill” directed by Mark Bozek, which will shed a light on the life of a man who was a staple of life itself. Oddly enough, this will not be the first film to be made about him; he was the subject of the 2010 film, “Bill Cunningham New York”. Cunningham was everywhere; at every fashion show in New York, Paris, and Milan, “We all get dressed for Bill” Anna Winter once said!!And if not at the fashion shows, then Bill would be found on the streets of New York city “collecting evidence” for his New York Times columns “On the Street” and Evening Hours”.

The famed fashion historian is - surprisingly - a Harvard dropout! Born and raised in Boston, he then moved to New York city to pursue his interest in fashion by opening a millinery shop from 1949 to 1962, closing it after hats went out of fashion. He worked for a while for WWD as a fashion reporter prior to first picking up his camera in 1967.

“Cunningham is a man who absolutely understood - long before most - the trends of not only fashion, but society and culture” Bozek, the director of the documentary, explained. Bozek went on to explain that a movie about the late Cunningham is proudly going to be the first project under the umbrella of his newly established company, Live Rocket. This venture aims to address the new demands of the retail market by producing and developing new content for retail and entertainment platforms.

As for the icing on the cake, the documentary will be narrated by none other than, Sarah Jessica Parker, herself an iconic fashion staple of both New York City and the fashion world. Parker accepted the role immediately declaring that she holds massive amounts of respect for the late photographer and all that he stood for. The film’s theme song “Tonight, Josephine” will be recorded by legendary model Pat Cleveland. The Times of Bill will also reveal new footage of Cunningham receiving the Media Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1993, as well as feature an interview Bozek did with the photographer back when Bozek was only 27 years old.

Also inspired by the late photographer’s life, Apple Inc. and Mark Bozek have collaborated to create “a series of free in-store experiences inspired by Cunningham”. Named “Today at Apple”, the series will feature organised “photo walks” around all 498 branches of Apple stores worldwide. Customers will be able to experience and capture local street style - as inspired by Cunningham - using their iPhones. Additionally, customers of Apple’s in-store experiences can watch the film’s trailer.

Dec 20, 2017