, March 12, 2018
by Zein Nimri

Where Does The Fat Go When We Lose Weight?

Where does the fat go when we lose weight? You need to know… that flab is like a storage unit for the rest of your body! Fat cells want to grow; all the time. They want to reproduce and have a strong territory and an establishment in case of an emergency. They’re constantly trying to make you eat another bag of chips, and have cabinets stacked with ammunition. Our fat cells are always trying to store stuff. Fats, hormones, vitamins, toxins. everything! Adipose tissue will soak all that up like an oily little sponge and keep it safe until you need it again. That’s the whole point of body fat—to store energy. So when you lose weight, your fat cells start shrinking, releasing lipids and other fats into your bloodstream. These get broken down, and eventually the smaller molecules are released via urine or breath.

Having said that, it is not only fat cells that are released, it is also hormones like estrogen and insulin, vitamins and minerals that have been stored in your body as you have gained that weight you are trying to lose. The bad news is that the storage of these things will not allow for the circulation of it. Hormones for instance; when a female has high body fat, the body can actually produce some of its own estrogen in addition to the stored bit; so the more body fat the body has the more estrogen they are exposed to.

This is why being overweight puts you at an increased risk of getting breast cancer. Many types of breast cancer are caused by malfunctions in estrogen receptors, which are more likely to go haywire when more estrogen is around to stimulate them. When it comes to vitamins and minerals; it is a different story. Adipose tissue sucks up available fat-soluble vitamins (Such us Vitamin A, D, E, and K), leaving too little for the body to utilize. As a matter of fact, over weight people tend to have low vitamin D because it’s all lurking in their adipose tissue. But the good news is once you start shedding the extra weight, these vitamins can come back out and it will allow more new vitamins to be properly absorbed and utilized.

The toxins that we retain from junk food and just general pollution can also be stored in our fat cells. However, when you start losing weight you’re dumping toxins into your bloodstream, but you’re also eliminating them through your pee. There’s some evidence that certain pollutant can stick around in your body fat for years, but so far it seems that natural toxin-elimination methods like peeing or sweating work well enough to get rid of them. That is why it is important to keep hydrating, stay away from excessive coffee, and break a sweat!

Safe or not, it’s best not to give your body a spot to stash all the hormones and vitamins it can hoard. Our bodies aren’t designed to hold onto excess body fat and stay healthy; that’s why obesity is a risk factor for so many diseases. Just think: every time you lose a pound of fat, you’ve also literally detoxed yourself without ever having to do one any of these juice cleanses or some fad or crash diet. You’ve used the power of your own body’s filtration systems to get rid of them for a healthier and stronger you..

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