Amman, September 30, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

When Olivier Rousteing Defines ‘The New Sexy’ We Comply

Crisp whites, metallic silvers, Cara Delevingne’s comeback to the runway and plenty of gleaming skin were the highlights of the Egypt-meets-Paris Balmain’s Spring/ Summer ’19 runway show.. As for the beauty aesthetic, well, Rousteing set some new definitive beauty rules that are sculpting the new way we perceive sexy!

1 || The Brows

Forget tattoos. Embrace lush, thick and natural-looking arches.. Balmain’s runway’s makeup artist Val Garland took a less-is-more approach, filled the model’s eyebrows with featherweight, hairlike strokes of L’Oréal’s creamy Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Definer pen (“it really is like microblading!” she said), before adding a whisper-light veil of brow powder and brushing of brow gel mascara—either clear or tinted, depending on the model—to create a full, feathered effect.

2 || The Glow

Rousteing delivered luminous glowing faces! Regular facials (deep cleansing! steaming! exfoliating!) must come into play ladies! As evidenced by their bare faces under the bright lights backstage, Balmain’s models flaunted their smooth, pore-less complexions. A rich, tried-and-true moisturizer applied day and night is highly recommended for that envious glow; on the runway, L’Oreal’s Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care moisturizer was the models’ secret glow giver!

3 || The Hair

A fresh-out-of-the-pool hairstyle is the new sexy when it comes to your strands..

Put an androgynous twist on the sleek-haired look, don’t forget sideways parts and a little volume on top, using a wide-tooth comb and meticulously slicking the hair back section by section, gliding gobs of L’Oréal’s Full Volume Mousse through them for a wet and stringy finish will get you there pronto!

4 || The cheeks

Peachy sun-kissed, sculpted cheeks and flawless complexions with the perfect balance between matte and dewy are established using hydrating, medium-coverage foundation. Playing up warm undertones with swirls of apricot blush on the cheeks while further accentuating the hallows of the cheeks and high planes of the face with tawny contour powder and dabs of shimmery highlighter is Balmain’s perfect lesson on blending..

5 || The Lips

The trick? Wearing lip balm that is border-line nonexistent will guarantee your lips always looking fab! Balmain’s lip strategy for the show was landing on the perfect pinky nude for each model. Pressing the pigment into the mouth for a diffused, iridescent finish, just like a balm will guarantee the your-lips-but-better approach for a seemingly bare yet full and healthy-looking pout.

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