Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, October 16, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

What You’re Doing Wrong || The On-the-Shoulder Coat Trend

I like many other enjoyed Amman Design week the other day, so much to look at, including women’s fashion!It great how women from all walks of life, are adopting current fashion trends. I also feel the urge to give unsolicited advice to strangers, something that my daughters have told me is NEVER A GOOD IDEA. So here are the don’ts of the on-the-shoulder coat trend.

1 || It Doesn’t Work With A Fitted Coat || The Blockier the Coat the Better

The idea of an on-the-shoulder coat is for it to mimic a cape, the closer it looks to that the better.You may love your fitted Balmain-style jacket but it will look terrible on your shoulders.The looser the better, try a double-breasted style or a single breast with wide front panels.

2 || Avoid Shoulder Pads || The Closer It Sits on Your Shoulders the Better

Although shoulder pads do work on block coats with no waist, it is best to have the shoulders of your jacket as close to your shoulders as possible.

3 || If It’s A Soft Fabric It’s Not Going to Work || The Sleeve Needs to Be Stiff

Sometimes we run the risk of looking like we have broken our arm. This happens when the sleeve is limp. Stick with fabrics that are stiff, the arm needs to remain filled out…

4 || You Can’t Carry A Shoulder Bag || Tote or Cross-body Works Best

The last thing you need is extra stuff on your shoulders, make sure you carry your bag in your hand or on your body.

Oct 16, 2017