, September 26, 2018
by Hala Oran

What Went Down At Paris Fashion Week So Far!!

As someone who had no previous interests in anything fashion-week related I am finding it increasingly difficult to remain impartial ….from Gucci’s questionable choice of venue to Saint Laurent’s models walking on water…things are becoming much more interesting recently! The major fashion labels are competing …as ever…however this time the competition lies in the shock factors accompanying their shows. BUT….and this is an all-caps but…. do you think these extravagant details are somehow overshadowing the actual clothes on runway?? Join me as I take a tour of what went down during Paris Fashion Week so far…

# Gucci

Gucci’s first-ever show in Paris was held at the Théâtre Le Palace, which used to be a 1970’s theater-turned-nightclub and which hosted the eccentric intellectual night-life regulars of Paris; think Grace Jones singing La Vie En Rose while on a pink Harley Davidson (this actually took place in 1978). Some have described it as a “disused theatre with a shady past”, yet Gucci’s creative director felt it was the prefect venue for the finale of his three-part series of events that paid homage to France.

Eighty-four models filed through the aisles on their way towards the center stage where they formed a formidable cast-like crowd on their way to take a bow. Halfway through the show however, a mysterious guest in a black trouser suit starting singing and who should it be other than the iconic Jane Birkin. Mickey Mouse was the other notable figure of the evening, as it seems he is the handbag muse for the season.

A show that was a far cry from any style rules out there, Gucci’s runway was a magnificent array of frilled collars, embellished shoulders, slogans, sunglasses, earrings.. you name it and it was there… I guess Gucci’s people have earned the right to speak their minds by now..they are after all the most powerful brand of the moment ….

# Dior

Swirling white petals and dancers in patterned bodysuits set the tone at the Dior show. Dior have actually sought out the talents of choreographer Sharon Eyal to direct the most epic of ballet shows for their spring-summer runway.

Held at the historic Longchamps racecourse, Dior constructed a marquee in the middle of the 19th century location to hold the dozens of ethereal dancers as they swirled in clouds of tulle paired with a simple tank top.

As soft and fluid as a ballet recital would go, Dior’s show featured ballet slippers alongside open toe heels with crisscross strappings. The jumpsuits, straps and cords seemed to be floating silhouettes.

# Jacquemus

Scantily-clad models braving the cold September Paris weather marked the runway show at Jacquemus…oh and remarkably giant hessian bags. Held outdoors on the grounds of the Italian Embassy in Paris, the show, some remarked, quite resembled the 28-year-old Simon Porte Jacquemus himself.

This was definitely a show that refreshingly lacked that luxurious feel that is synonymous with Paris Fashion Week, and one that brought with it a sense of renewed vitality and youth ….quite courageous I would say.

# Saint Laurent

What would upstage Gucci’s theatre or Dior’s Ballet dancers…? Perhaps a moonlit walk on water under the lights of the Eiffel Tower…..yup that’s probably it. Closing out the second day of Paris Fashion Week, Saint Laurent held their show under a sparking Eiffel Tower for the second time, however they were able to outdo themselves this time by having their models literally walk on water.

A star-studded show with a front row boasting Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Zoe Kravitz and Lindsay Lohan marked the breathtaking runway fabulously lit with electric palm trees. The water didn’t deter the models from strutting their stuff in stiletto heels and all. So where any shoes or outfits ruined in the process? With a show this breathtaking …..Who Cares…

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