, January 17, 2018
by Hala Oran

What To Do on A Snowy Weekend

There’s nothing better than getting out of bed to an all-white morning! Snowy days are hard to come by, it could be every two years that we get to experience a we’re-getting-stuck-in-here kinda storm. So, if that should be the case why not grab the opportunity of being stuck at home to catch up on all those things you wish you had time for…. To help you out a bit we’ve put together our own to-do list for snowy days…. We hope we can inspire you with an idea or two…

1 || Update your iPod playlist

2 || Get a MID Puzzle and engage the whole family

3 || Experiment with a DYI Facial

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4 || Get a WARAGAMI Kit and play artist

5 || Plan your next vacation

6 || Learn to meditate

7 || Do an inspirational scrapbook

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8 || Study!! No, seriously, find a subject you’ve always been interested in and start researching

9 || Experiment with new makeup looks

10 || Catch up on your favourite TV shows

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Jan 17, 2018