Amman, March 26, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

What’s Inside CIIN’s @ The Beach Beauty Box?

CIIN introduces its first -out of four- edition of the beauty box series.. We are all going to hit the beaches very soon.. And we bet you your beach cosmetic bag lacks CIIN’s 8 beauty items that are must haves this summer.. After scouring the net and analysing almost every item out there that has to do with the beachy sunny days, we are proud to announce that you may kiss the trauma you used to face goodbye; facial bronzers that melt away, badly treated sunburns, horrible hairstyles, nail polish that ruins the minute you dip in the pool, and the list goes on.. We gathered the 8 most heavenly items and created CIIN’s @ the beach beauty box.. Available at our offices, drop us a line and we will deliver your CIIN Box complete with all your beach needs to your doorstep…..

1 || Tarte Cosmetics : The Waterproof Bronzer

You may be baking your body in the sun but there is no way you would do that to your face right ? That’s what bronzers are for, which makes us question what the point of a bronzer is if it slides off your face and onto your towel the minute you start perspiring… Well Tarte Cosmetics has come to the rescue with a waterproof bronzer that will stay put at the beach and the gym. This handy product is infused with long-wearing Amazonian clay for better, longer wear. It also includes mineral pigments that smooth and soften the skin. Enjoy a flake-free application and hours of pigmented wear and it is vegan too!

2 || Essie’s Gel Top Coat

How heavenly would it be to maintain your bright coloured manis and pedis for the full length of your beach vacation? Without going through the hassle of a shellack or a gel nail session, Essie is now offering this quick drying top coat that seals and helps protect your nail polish from chipping and peeling.. An added benefit, it magnifies shine for an ultra-glossy finish. Put on and forget your nails for a good week!

3 || Bain De Soleil

Indulge your sun-thirsty skin with the classic Bain de Soleil formula..Packed with luxurious emollients that lavish the skin and leave it aglow.. For a deep, moisture-rich, longer lasting tan.. It’s exotic signature fragrance is the perfect cherry on top! Apply evenly and liberally to all exposed areas prior to sun exposure. Reapply after prolonged swimming, excessive perspiration, vigorous activity or towelling.. Prepare to be showered with great compliments for your amazing sun-kissed tan!

4 || Elf Lip Scrub

We at CIIN just love dual luxury.. Call it gentle roughness! Elf lip scrub delivers just that.. Exfoliate your lips while moisturising simultaneously, its form comes in handy, hygienic and most importantly mess-free…Forget dipping your nails in scrub jars and spreading germs.. The Elf scrub looks exactly like any normal lipstick, with its sweet sugary sensation, it’s also infused with vitamin E, shea butter,avocado grape and jojoba oils to nourish and protect! Enjoy perfectly hydrated chap-free lips all summer long!

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Mar 26, 2017