Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, May 20, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

What’s all the Fuss About Chanel’s Sublimage ?

So why have women been raving about Chanel’s Sublimage beauty line? The price is prohibitive and to be honest anti-aging products are a dime a dozen, so why ?

A little about the product line itself. The Chanel research team discovered the active ingredients of the Sublimage line on the island of Madagascar. While observing plants essential to their products, a peak moment was realized in the Vanilla Planifolia life cycle. There is a precise instant at which the fruit offers extreme regenerative properties. A time when rare and powerful molecules appear briefly then disappear. It is during this peak that the fruit is harvested by hand for the Sublimage line to ensure that the regenerative properties are protected.

The truth of the matter is that the active ingredients may have come from the surface of the Moon, most women are oblivious to the source of the ingredients. They are however very aware of the effectiveness, and effective Sublimage is.

Sublimage is a one-stop-shop for anti-aging, providing a wide range of benefits including revitalizing, regenerating, nourishing, hydrating, diminishing pigmentation,firming and restoring a youthful radiance. This means that it can be used by women suffering from a variety of issues. From lack-luster or dehydrated skin.

The fact that the Sublimage line is extensive when compared to other brands, with more than 10 products means that there are a variety of potions for different needs. Some of us prefer lighter lotions, others rich creams, the Sublimage collection is able to satisfy different needs.

The fact that the line is so extensive means that women are able to continue to use the product range but vary the product. How many times have you changed companies, not because you no longer liked them, but because they didn’t have enough variety. Sometimes we just need a healthy change, and if your line doesn’t have something ‘else’ for you, you are forced to go elsewhere.

At Sublimage customers are treated to a myriad of products from a face mask to eye cream to a foundation. All promising the same anti-aging results.

Of course, as with all luxury products with hefty price tags, the gently fragranced ingredients are potent which means that a tiny dab goes a long way. These products are literally built to last!

Chanel Sublimage is available at Vavavoom, exclusively at Taj Lifestyle Center.


May 20, 2017