How good we end up looking in an outfit, isn't just about our choice of dress, it's about how well all the elements work together to create the image we want to portray. We take a look at some of the appearances on the red carpet from the MTV awards and after-party, held on August 30, '15.

Gigi Hadid

Whether we liked Gigi's dress or not, is actually besides the point. She nailed the look she was going for, the Sixties bombshell. From her attitude on the red carpet, the coiffed hair, the color of the dress, to the Sixties style panties and tan. All the elements worked together.

Taylor Swift

This ensemble has been on every list, best dressed, worst dressed and everything in between. The Eighties disco image that Taylor was trying to relay worked. Her statement received loud and clear, thanks to her hairstyle, accessories and perfectly matched shoes.

Kylie Jenner

Our point is made clear with the two looks Kylie gave us, the Balmain beige mini and the black banded dress, also by Balmain. With the beige dress, there is a disconnection between the hairstyle and the dress, they are unrelated, producing an unattractive disjointed look that does nothing for her. On the contrary the black dress, worked perfectly with her hair, makeup and accessories, there is harmony in this daring look that could have gone terribly wrong.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa knows who she wants to be and she is true to herself. Coming across as over-dressed for the occasion, she still nailed the look. With her boho Naeem Khan evening dress, ethnic inspired jewelry and flower child hairstyle, she owns this look.