Amman, September 6, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

What Is Tiger Grass And The Interesting Reason Behind Its Name

We have been intrigued!

Tiger grass has become a recent beauty obsession that has been proven effective lately as it’s an ingredient making its way into various skin care products. If you are a K-beauty fan, we’re guessing you’re familiar with the weird animal-related names they give their products; from their renowned snail slime cream and their salmon egg mask to the milky piggy clay masks, pig collagen and horse oils. This latest ingredient infused into many beauty products may sound like something straight out of the jungle, introducing Tiger Grass.

A.k.a. centella asiatica, tiger grass is a medicinal plant that has been widely used in the East and has recently started to gain traction in the West. Known to be the “miracle elixir of life” for thousands of years, centella asiatica has unparalleled wound healing powers, and if you are still intrigued by the story behind this name, legend has it that the term tiger grass originated from tigers actually rolling around in this leafy plant after battle in an effort to soothe their wounds. Wow! Now that’s a lesson learned from pure animalistic instinct!

Other benefits of tiger grass include improving skin hydration, and that it’s a suitable ingredient for anti-aging formulations. This plant facilitates the healing process in both incision and burn wounds caused by any trauma, abrasions or infections..

Though it was initially marketed toward people with sensitive skin, it's actually a pretty universal ingredient that anyone can benefit from using. Full of fatty acids and phytochemicals, including vitamins C, A and B1, it can help with everything from acne to rosacea and dullness.

Some products well-known for incorporating tiger grass are listed below..

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