, April 9, 2018
by Hala Oran

What Is Blue Tansy And Why You Need It ASAP!!

Being forever on the lookout for anything new on the health and beauty front, we came across a new ingredient that caught our eye with its vibrant color and unique name. Blue Tansy is hailed as a miracle ingredient and it is actually an essential oil. Blue tansy is a yearly yellow-flowered Mediterranean plant called Moroccan chamomile and is usually found in northern Morocco. It has such a beautifully sweet and herbaceous aroma and it’s probably half the reason that people are quite attracted to it other than its eye-catching color and amazing benefits.

The vibrant blue tint of blue tansy is actually a result of the chemical reaction that occurs when the chamomile flower is distilled using the steaming process. But that is not the most interesting part…. blue tansy’s fame is the result of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties much as how chamomile has such a soothing and calming effect. Read below to find out its potently significant benefits….

#1 Deeply hydrates the skin when the essential oil is mixed with your favourite moisturiser, or look for products with blue tansy among its ingredients.

#2 Calms the skin and and helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, thus providing the skin with a beautiful glow.

#3 Relaxes the nervous system when used as bath salts or if dabbed directly to wrists or neck for an immediate effect. It also alleviates insomnia.

#4 Uplifts the mood when used as a diffuser, and it is even said to alleviate depression (though it may reduce the efficiency of prescribed antidepressants).

#5 Treats fibromyalgia and simply aids the body’s natural healing process when muscles are exhausted if used with massage oils (preferably coconut oil) or added to bath water.

#6 Treats and prevents bacterial infections and speeds up the healing process with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties when applied directly to wounds and sores. It also relieves sunburnt skin and treats as well as prevent insect bites.

#7 Treats sciatica and relieves nerve pains.

#8 Regulates the hormones in our endocrine system. You can apply a few drops of oil to the throat.

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#9 Treats Asthma and relieves chest congestion when the oil is dabbed on the upper abdomen between the ribs in the case of asthma. It thins the phlegm when used in diffusers or when added to a steam vapour treatment.

#10 Heals eczema, psoriasis, and acne by regenerating liver cells and detoxifying the body.

#11 Relieves an itchy scalp when it is a component of shampoos .

#12 Provides relief from Arthritis by massaging the oil into the joints to reduce inflammation and pain.

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#13 Alleviates anxiety when used in aromatherapy, one can even take a few inhalations from the bottle of essential oil directly. It can also curb impulsive behaviour when dabbed to the soles of the feet, wrists, chest and neck.

#14 Treats varicose veins by shrinking and healing them.

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Apr 9, 2018