Amman, February 20, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Vogue’s 125th Anniversary Video || Narrated By Sarah Jessica Parker

There is nothing more inspiring nor refreshing than listening to the voice of Sarah Jessica Parker narrating the history of fashion as Vogue celebrates its 125th year..Take a look back at the history of fashion, and the magazine, in an exclusive illustrated video.. Indulge in the tempo of the 20s, the hair bobs, the flapper dresses.. The voice of Sarah takes us back to live the sense of romance back then, when Chanel, Lanvin and Callot Soeurs were the masters of fashion.. Keep watching, and witness the feast of speed, movement and escapism, when the French Riviera became the one and only playground for the rich and famous, when prohibition was altered and taboos became trends, as Coco Chanel played a big part of trending the sun kissed tan.. Live the charm, chic and leisure of the roaring 20’s..When Vogue illustrators turned into fashion photographers, mastering the art of making models look like women, not the opposite… CIIN brings you the video below!


Feb 20, 2017