Vogue Arabia Is Launching And Guess Who The Editor-in-Chief Is?

Conde Nast International the iconic company behind Vogue are teaming up with Dubai-based Nervora to launch Vogue Arabia this fall, with Saudi Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdelaziz in the position of editor-in-chief. The publication will start digitally, in both English and Arabic, the hard copy magazine is touted to drop in the Spring ’17.

The current digital publication style.com/arabia, owned by Nervora will be relaunched as Vogue Arabia. The decision to finally launch Vogue Arabia is a significant one for Condé Nast, given Newhouse’s controversial comments less than 10 years ago dismissing a proposal to launch a Vogue Middle East because of the region having “an element that rejects Western values of freedom of expression, equality for women and expression of sexuality.”


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