, October 25, 2017
by Lina Zalloum

To Walk In Nature Is To Witness A Thousand Miracles

I walk every single day, and during those walks I get re-energized, recharged, rejuvenated, and totally inspired. Mother Nature inspires me in the most magical of ways. Whether it’s the sound of the rain, which is playing in the background while writing this, the breeze of the wind and all the secrets it holds and whispers to me, the sunlight and the way its rays make everything they fall on shine, or the different trees and flowers all around- and this is what I want to talk about today.

All plants big or small, be it a tree, a bush, a flower, or even a weed, share the same consciousness as ours. We are the same in so many ways, but yet so different. How? You might wonder!

Trees are living beings. Just like us they breathe, need nourishment and care to thrive and bloom; they actually have more intelligence than most of us and I’ll tell you why. It’s because they do not have EGO!

Have you ever seen a tree or a flower compare itself to the one next to it? Have you ever experienced plants conspiring against one another? I think not.

Mother Nature has her own wisdom and rhythm and she instills them in her beautiful creations. They all know better than to direct their energy in the wrong place. All the different species with their special and different colors and shapes coexist in harmony. No flower nor tree ever compares itself to the one standing next to it; they know through their divine wisdom that each is special and unique in its own way.

In Fall, trees lose their leaves and get naked, but they don’t despair nor give up; for they know that everything is temporary and lasts only for a season. When faced with a windy day, branches of those magical beings bend but don’t break.

As for us, we should know and appreciate that we’re all different in our own way. Jealousy and comparison should not even exist; for comparison is the thief of joy. Each and every one of us has his own unique qualities and that special gift that he, and only he, possesses.

We should also be certain that everything is temporary including our biggest troubles; nothing lasts forever.

Last but not least, it’s essential and crucial to be flexible in life and learn how to adapt and adjust.

Learning from Mother Nature’s wisdom will only reinforce and better our lives; so many lessons and so much wisdom are offered to us, but only if we choose to accept them!

Namaste my loves!

Lina Zalloum Is An Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Nidra Therapist, Pranic Healer And Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Oct 25, 2017