Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, December 6, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

’Tis the Season || 10 Tips to Shop Online Like A Pro

Many of us will buy stuff online this month, some for the great deals others for the long Christmas gift list. Regardless of why you are shopping there are some insider tips that will allow you to shop more efficiently. Here you go!

1 || The Promotional Coupon

We’re guessing that every time you are at the virtual checkout you start at the ‘promotional coupon’ segment and say, ‘of course not’. Why not? The fact that it is an actual segment means that lots of people do indeed have promotional coupons, so why not you?

The thing is we assume that these coupons are on the site, but they are not.Many e-retailers have coupons elsewhere to lure customers to their site. Check out sites such as that offers discounts on a variety on on-line stores. Let’s say you have a shopping cart full at Amazon, simply Google, ‘Amazon coupons’ and see what comes up… It actually works!

2 || Get On Their Mailing List

With the amount of junk we are already receiving via email instinctively we shy away from sites that suggest we get on their mailing list. That is a big mistake because that is where many of the deals are. If you were to think about it from the e-retailers perspective, they need to make sure you come back…

3 || If You Know What You Are Looking For

Sometimes you know exactly what you are after… In which case you should go straight to Shopstyle or Lyst Both these sites have a search, type in what you are searching for specifically and it provide you with the product on a variety of sites and how much they are being sold for. Sometimes you may get lucky and find it on sale somewhere.

4 || Opt for One-Stop-Shops

Amazon isn’t popular for nothing… It’s the huge range of products that keeps us coming back for more. When shopping opt for a site that carries a variety of items and brands to save you the hassle of shopping from numerous sites.

5 || We Love the Sale Section

There is nothing wrong with the sale section. You may still have an old fashioned notion of the sale section. Old stuff, picked over, that no one really wants. This no longer happens, with the amount of competition out there in addition to the free returns etc companies cannot afford to sell you anything that isn’t perfect.Today items go on sale for all sorts of reasons. Making room for new stock, they bought too much, the product was so popular there are only two pieces left, they had a disagreement with the label and want to get rid of the stock… Most of times it has nothing to do with the product.

6 || Use the Filter

There is a lot of stock to sift through on shopping sites, so filtering it down is really helpful.Firstly the size filter makes a whole lot of sense, why go through the agony of loving something that doesn’t come in your size (although you could always find it elsewhere using Shopstyle or Lyst later on).You can also narrow down the item you are looking for, its color or material.

7 || Read the Reviews

When there is a review of the product you should read it. Don’t take each and every review seriously but if a lot are saying the same thing, then it’s accurate.

8 || What is the Model Wearing?

Clothing is tricky, because the model could be much taller than you.That crop top on her could hit your top hip ;) Most of the time there is a segment called ‘fit or sizing’, if you open onto it it will tell you what size the model is wearing. This is one of the most valuable pieces of info…

9 || Styling is a B*tch

Websites will make the item look as attractive as possible. You need to keep in mind that the only thing you are receiving is the item itself. They will roll up the sleeves and taper it at the waist and layer it with three other items to make it look more appealing. Do not be fooled.

10 || Instagram

Instagram is the new shopping hero and you should take advantage of it as well.Many bloggers actually make money that way. The wear the items, they style them perfectly and provide the shopping links (they get commission). Apps such as Like to Know It will email you with shopping info when you like an image that offers this option.

Another recent addition to Instagram is from the e-retailers themselves. Gone are the days of studio photography. Today they will post photos that look like street style that you can instantly shop off Instagram. Very handy for you, not so much for your wallet.

Dec 6, 2017