, July 4, 2018
by Hala Oran

Tina Tuner’s Eldest Son Craig Commits Suicide!!

Tina Turner’s 59-year-old son has committed suicide while Tina was being photographed attending Paris Fashion Week. Craig Raymond Turner was found dead at his home in Studio City California; it was clear that it was a suicide since the reason of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Tina’s son was discovered four hours after Tina was seen attending the Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture Fall/Winter show in Paris yesterday. Tina’s picture below was taken at 4pm GMT approximately 4 hours before her son was found by the authorities.

78-year-old Tina has given birth to her son Craig when she was barely 18 years old. Craig’s father is Raymond Hill, a saxophonist Tina knew back in the day. When Tina got married to Ike Turner, Ike adopted her son and gave him his name. Tina and Ike also have a son together; Ronnie 57, and Tina adopted Ike’s children from his previous marriage; Ike Junior 59 and Michael 58.

The story of Tina and Ike is well known to all but just a reminder of the details; Ike was the son of a Mississippi preacher who later became a drug addict and used to abuse Tina physically until she finally gave up and ran away in the middle of the night after 16 years of marriage. She fled wearing a bloodstained white suit and with only 36 cents in her pocket. Sadly, it seems Tina’s son Craig was quite affected by the abuse his mom endured; Tina even told Oprah in 2005 that Craig her eldest is a ‘very emotional kid’. He would beat on his mother’s bedroom door and ask if she was alright while she would actually be getting beaten. Below Tina and Ike in 1963.

Tina Turner married German music producer Erwin Bach five years ago and she has been living in Switzerland since 1994. Apparently, according to her son Ike Junior, Tina and Ike were not very involved in their children’s lives as the kids were growing up and above all that Tina has distanced herself from her children after her move to Europe even though she still looks after them financially.

Tina has apparently been living the high life ever since her move to Europe; she seems to have greatly benefited from her tragedies especially after having released her story in 1986 in her autobiography I, Tina….she will also release another memoir titled Tina Turner: My Love Story. Tina’s first memoir was turned into a biopic starring Angela Bassett; What’s Love Got To Do With It, and she currently has a musical running in the West End simply called Tina.

It is so sad when we witness the destruction that comes with domestic abuse and sadder still when parents are oblivious to the effect this has on their children. Not to pass judgement here but couldn’t help but feel deeply sorry for the big kid who never really grew out of witnessing his mother get abused and for the mother who will have to endure losing a child this way.

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Jul 4, 2018