, May 22, 2018
by Hala Oran

Three Wedding Guests, One Dress, And A Movie!!

We know we have probably squeezed the last drops of juice of the royal wedding but can you blame us? People have dissected, investigated and analysed every piece of information they could get their hands on with regards to the wedding and we found one last cute incident to share with you. Hint? One royal wedding, three guests, one dress, and a movie…. did you get it?

You know how people always abhor getting caught wearing the same dress as someone else? It has probably happened to some of you out there and we feel ya. So how do you think it would feel like when you’re invited to the royal wedding of the century and you find not one but two people wearing the same dress as you?? Horrified to say the least. Because if you’re a normal civilian you probably do not have the luxury of hiring stylists and trailers to do the work for you and you probably scoured thousands of websites and boutiques, and you must have tried on tens of dresses to finally find The Dress.

So imagine the horror of these three (not one or two) wedding guests who were caught wearing the same dress to the royal wedding and it doesn’t stop at that!! It was a dress worn by the actress playing Meghan Markle on the Lifetime movie that was made about the royal newlyweds; Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance, which aired before the wedding.

The dress was by coveted British brand Self-Portrait, and the style is called Sweetheart Crochet Midi Dress. The costume designer of the movie explained that by choosing this dress she tried to remain true to Meghan’s personal style of dress while choosing the outfits to be worn on the movie.

So whether these guests bumped into each other or not, we have no idea. And whether they had actually seen the movie and been inspired by it, again there is no way to tell, but it was such an endearing coincidence that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity without pointing it out.

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May 22, 2018