Amman, February 4, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

This Area Is Thriving For SPF Protection And We Are Not Doing Anything About It!

If there was one area we often forget to protect from the harsh sun rays it would be the eye area.. The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate with 1/10 of the thickness of other facial skin, making it more vulnerable to UV rays exposure, resulting in crows feet, dark spots and wrinkles. This calls for action, a protection plan, your eye area is ready and thriving for eye creams with SPF that increase skin’s resilience and defend against photo-damage.. And remember, it’s not just your regular face SPF you should be using, In fact, it might be too heavy for the under eye skin and cause irritation. To protect the delicate skin, you will require an eye cream with a particular concentration of SPF. Moreover, thinking that concealers and BB creams with SPF is enough to protect the eye area is an absolute myth!

We have scoured the net and below is a slideshow of our favorite SPF infused eye creams…

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Feb 4, 2018