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Lebanese born Hussein Bazaza knows a thing or two about putting on a show. Carefully mixing measured amounts of drama, color, suspense, light and sound. His Spring '16 catwalk presentation was kicked off with a few hundred fashionistas clamoring to get into the venue. Nothing speaks of one's true nature like a race to get into a fashion show, survival mode kicks in, freshly manicured nails turn into claws and sweet tongues are sharpened.

Having survived the mad rush to get in, a quick glance at the write up did nothing to calm the nerves. Nuclear bombs, wiped out humanity and a lone woman wondering the earth cast a shadow on everything including the star studded front row.

But all that changed the minute the lights were dimmed and the traditional 'uncross your legs please' was hollered from the photographer's pit.

The opening looks, soft yet vibrant shades of silk satin soothed our frayed nerves, with promises of a new day.

Hussein Bazaza is a studied maximalist, carefully building his dramatic creations one block at a time till they reach their full potential. The single colored dresses of the first few looks were transformed into mondrian style works of art. Strips of fabric seamlessly coming together in what is starting to look like a Bazaza trademark. His manipulation of colors and textures in this way, uniquely his.

As the show went on the designs grew organically, less geometric but just as controlled. Floral embroidery, gold brocades and delicate laces came together in masterful creations. A series of graphic tromp l'oeil style dresses, jolted us out of our seats, the jury still out on their success.

It is no secret that Hussein Bazaza is going places, a staggering number of accolades speak of the designer's continuity and consistency. Equal parts, creativity and studied perfection, it will be interesting to see how this designer evolves over the long run. Will he change his formula every few seasons or will he throw caution to the wind, spread his wings and soar…

Oct 24, 2015