Amman, November 6, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Powers Of Snow Mushrooms || Earth’s Most Hydrating Element Out There

You might wanna think twice before using fungus as one of your skincare ingredients, but we’re here to allow you to do yourself a favor and think twice… Introducing Tremella Fuciformis, a.k.a. snow mushroom is nature’s super hydrator that we have been recently obsessing over. And when we utter the word hydration, hyaluronic acid automatically pops up in our minds.. Natural sources of skincare are always on the rise, but most sources pale in comparison when it comes to snow mushroom..

What Is Snow Mushroom?

Tremella Fuciformis is a naturally-derived botanical that grows on the snow line of high mountains across the globe. During long, harsh winters, they feed off plant fibers to store essential energy which they use to miraculously transform into beautiful fresh blooms during the early months of spring.

What Makes Snow Mushrooms Our Wildest Pick Out There?

Just like hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, snow mushrooms hold up to half that amount making them the richest natural and unique ingredient used for nourishing skincare products such as moisturizers and night creams..

Thanks to its tiny molecule structure - that is smaller than HA molecules- snow mushroom extract has an extra edge by deeply penetrating through the skin to supplement skin’s natural moisture as well as physically forming a hydra film to lock in moisture and that’s where the magic lies! This mushroom also happens to be high in vitamin D. Topically applied vitamin D has shown impressive healing abilities when applied to acne lesions, so this is another potential use for Tremella extract in skin care.

No wonder why women in China have been using tremella fuciformisfor for over 2000 years considering it the secret to moist, soft and plump skin.. Concubine Yang Guifei (713 to 756) , one of China's famed four great beauties is said to have credited the snow mushroom with maintaining her youthful appearance..

Clearly a winner, nothing will ever come handy as snow mushrooms this winter, it will be your best defence against cold weather dryness and will help lock in your skins hydration like crazy… !

Below CIIN’s top snow mushrooms products to look out for..

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