Amman, February 22, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Ponytail Facelift || Not Your Average Facelift

The most sought after facelift recently is the ponytail lift.. As we age, our face tends to lose volume, develop excess skin.. Traditional facelifts are becoming part of the past, as most plastic surgeons are left with clients complaining about the noticeable scarring in front of the ears as a result of this invasive procedure. Other undesirable results take the shape of shortening of the sideburns and a distortion of the natural anatomy of the ears.. As the facelift separates the skin from the fat and lifts the fat and tissue off the muscle, this will cause trauma to the fat that will potentially leave you with an unnatural and more aged look.. All of the above called for the revolutionary ponytail lift. Minimal incisions of this procedure preserve the natural blood supply to the skin and facial tissues, and by using shaping and sculpting techniques on both the face and the neck the result is a refreshing and more youthful look..

Ponytail lift is a minimally invasive multimodality endoscopic facelift that involves a endocopic brow rotation, cheek lift, jowl lift fat transfer without traditional facelift incision. The beauty of it is that incisions are made just above each ear and remain hidden along the hairline for one to two inches. The skin is then lifted from the underlying fat and fibrous tissues, and ligaments are cut to allow for repositioning of these layers. The trick is to smooth and pull these tissues and lay the skin back on top without any tension. The incisions are then closed, and the stitches removed five days later.

Many happy clients are seeing noticeable change, with compliments that they are in fact looking ten years younger! Downtime is blissful as well and minimal. Side effects include minor swelling and bruising. Botox and fillers may still be necessary because this treatment targets sagging skin, not wrinkles, with a cost averaging between $8,000–$11,000.

However if you are still young enough to pull of the faux ponytail lift, it is doable with this old-school hair styling trick! Get an instant facelift by pulling your ponytail as tight and taut as you can handle! It will deliver, you will get that whole face tightening that will make you look like a fierce runway model! (Bella Hadid comes to mind)..To achieve this look, start when hair is damp, prepare an elastic band and a strong holding hair gel. Wrap your ponytail as many times as possible to get the sleekest form of a ponytail.. When hair is pulled tight enough and high enough, it can absolutely lift your face.. It will serve as a one night facelift! Gather the hair from the sides, start at the top of each ear not the front. It is advised to tilt your head back 20 degrees and securing the elastic a few inches above your ears. When you bring your head forward, you'll feel the pull, and yes it will hurt a bit, but who ever said beauty doesn’t!

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Feb 22, 2018