Amman, October 15, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Perfect Dress Shape For Every Figure || We’ve Got 8 Body Shapes For You!

CIIN’s ultimate guide to find out the most flattering dress for your body shape requires you to take this simple and quick 3-question test that will determine your real body shape.. Click Here,

Now that you have figured out your body shape, a.k.a. silhouette, life will become much easier when shopping for the winter dress.. Yes there are a gazillion of options, what’s the best one that mostly flatters your shape..

1 || If You’re An Hourglass…

Go for a dress that has both the fit and the flare features. Enjoy your heavenly curves by accessorising your dress with a belt on the waist. Adjustable belts will let you highlight just how tiny your waist is. We love an A-line style that fits your midsection like a glove. Just make sure your hemline hits right above (or slightly below) the knee..

2 || If You’re Pear-Shaped...

Go for an off-the-shoulder dress.. Okay okay you’re going to say riding the cold shoulder in winter is just cold!But this cut for pear-shaped figures is just perfect for anyone wanting to enhance a smaller bust. It’s all about drawing the eye towards toward your collarbone.. The fitted bodice and bare shoulders provide balance to your wider hips. Just look for styles that are flowy—not fitted—on the bottom to leave you plenty of wiggle room for your best asset.

3 || If You’re Apple-Shaped...

Go for an an empire-waist dress.. Apple shaped women usually have thin legs and tend to carry weight around their middle. To create an illusion of a narrow midsection, an empire waisted dress will add definition to your gorgeous curves.

4 || If You’re Boyish…A.K.A. Athletic

Try a wrap dress.. For those of you who crave an hourglass figure, the easiest way to add some curves is with a flattering dress that cinches your middle to create a curvier silhouette. Dresses with draping and ruching and a v-neck also help flatter by drawing the eye up from your midsection to elongate your torso.

5 || If You’re Petite...

Go for a long-sleeve maxi dress. for all vertically challenged ladies out there, a long-sleeve maxi dress in the colder season is super comfortable, looks great with your moto jacket and still provides enough coverage for warmth. Why? A column dress with a fitted waist will elongate your shorter frame, especially when paired with some heeled booties.

6 || If You’re Tall...

Go for a long-sleeve midi dress. A midi is the perfect length for you. Not too short to reveal your endless legs, and not too long to don meters of fabric, the dress should hit a little past your knees but no longer than mid-calf. Add a pair of ankle boots and a plaid blazer for the perfect cold-weather ensemble.

7 || If You’re An Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulders are your most dominant body feature.. Go for dresses that flare out slightly, such as A-lines, those are ideal for balancing out broad shoulders.

8 || If You’re A Triangle

Go for a fit-and-flare dress that will play up your thin waist and small upper body, while minimizing the hips and thighs. Always remember, draw attention to your best body part to enhance how you look..

Oct 15, 2017