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You would be hard pressed to find something negative to say about Mashael AlRajhi's magnificent catwalk presentation in Dubai yesterday. This Saudi born designer is so clear on her identity that all the elements she works with naturally fall into place. Her clarity of vision giving her room to create, experiment and grow. Many designers are so busy holding onto their identity for dear life, that their creations appear forced. With Mashael there is a relaxed yet solid attitude that you want to be part of.

Her monochrome palette and cotton fabric for both men and women, create a foundation on which she based her creativity. Swaths of white and black cotton are manipulated in a variety of ways. Folded, ruched, puckered and pleated creating more than just form and function, but an identity, the Rajhi attitude. Self described as 'a fashion house that doesn't think outside the box but operates as if there is no box,' AlRajhi's avant-garde aesthetic is unique, she beats to her very own drum.

It would be difficult to break down the collection into looks, that is how cohesive her message is. Her collection, what we affectionately coined, 'A New Yorker in Arabia' was peppered with modern takes on cultural inferences. The traditional 'agal', a braided rope used to keep the men's headscarf in place, transformed into a modern day tiara. Trending braids woven in and out of the head piece to create a thoroughly modern bedouin woman. The desert slipper transformed in a patchwork of bright leathers. The fabulously groomed male models a contemporary take on the desert warrior.

Mashael AlRajhi brings avant-garde streetwear to new heights with her impeccable quality and attention to detail, one that infused the audience with a sense of pride and optimism, in a word, Mashael's collection was supreme.