Amman, October 5, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Miracles Of Micellar Water || The French Beauty Potion Unveiled

CIIN introduces (to those who haven’t heard yet) micellar water. The French women’s beauty secret that has recently exploded worldwide. French women swear by micellar water, the fact that France’s harsh H2O nature, they just let tap water touch their face. It bloggers simply cannot get enough of this miracle makeup remover, because its magnificent effects go way beyond just makeup removal and cleansing..

To make things more clear, what exactly is micellar water?

Micelle is a gentle microscopic oil molecule that acts like a magnet to lift dirt, oil, makeup and impurities away from the skin. And since it’s a no-rinse cleanser, that makes it even easier to use. But instead of foaming and stripping your complexion like soap and cleansers, micelles dissolve the bad stuff, while keeping the good stuff on your skin intact. Micellar water doesn’t require actual water to work, so there’s no rinsing allowed.

The miraculous ways Micellar water can be used in:

1 || Cleaning Your Vanity

We are quite sure you have experienced your favourite shadow or bronzer just shattering and breaking back to its powder state, we relate too to the hassle of cleaning it and the mess it creates! Micelle comes to the rescue, just soak a cotton pad or ball in micellar water to tidy up the mess.

2 || Fixing Makeup Mistakes

Just when you’re in the middle of applying your makeup, mistakes happen. Micelle acts as the perfect corrector. Just dip a Q-tip in micellar water and apply it wherever you want to erase your handy work. It’s also great for smoothing out jagged lines.

3 || Refreshing Your Skin

We are in love with facial mists..But when you run out, micellar water is a good replacement in a pinch. For all over rehydration, spritz away and get instant refreshment. We highly recommend it for post workout refreshment and it’s also a great way to combat in- flight dehydration..

4 || Erasing Self-Tanner

When we are done applying self tanners, orange hands are the worst part of a faux glow. But if you rub some micellar water into your mitts and streaky spots it will lift up the pigment instantly!

5 || Stain Remover

Use micellar water to spot-clean any makeup stains caused by foundation or concealer creeping onto your collar before an outing, it should come right out.. Our tip here would be not to rub too hard and ruin the fabric..

Below are our favourite brands of this miracle water…

Oct 5, 2017