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“I bought a few orchids" shrugged Donatella Versace. Perched atop a 30 meter long glass-cased runway, housing 25,000 freshly cut orchids.

And with that, Paris Couture Week, Fall/ Winter 2015, was kicked off.

A week of decadent details by fashion's finest. Where money is no object and designers are encouraged to run wild with their fantasies. A place where more is more, and madly wonderful, couture creations are greeted with roars of applause from the audience.

And as Greece's future hangs precariously in the balance, The Versace Medusa, emblazoned with hundreds of orchids hangs solidly above the Versace runway. A reminder that couture is a welcomed escape from our harsh realities.

Donatella Versace transported us to a fantastical world, where forest fairies ruled and wore go-go boots. An odd combination that reiterates the couture world's motto “It's my party and I can do what I want to". As long as they surprise us, they can do what they want.

And surprise us, she certainly did. Versace did a u-turn…

Gone was her signature, no fuss, “sex on wheels" approach to fashion. “There are two faces", Donatella declared backstage, “We wanted to show the softer side of Versace". Hundreds of meters of intricately detailed chiffon, in haunting pastels cascaded down the runway. Worn by the who's who of the modeling world. Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls to name a few. Their heads adorned with thorny, floral metal headpieces, encrusted with jewels. “Not romantic," she sneered, “but we all have a softer side".

Frayed edges, shredded and re-embroidered back onto chiffon, “construction and deconstruction" she says, pointing to an intentionally jagged, threadbare panel, “like you mess your dress". The signature Versace craftsmanship stood its ground in what can only be described as a the Donatella Couture Coup. The boned corsetry, embroidery and use of chain mail, standing proudly steadfast. Underneath the soft waves of fabric, shapes were accentuated with boned corsets, often transparent and jeweled. “For me a corset represents the toughness of a woman". Donatella shared, describing the collection as “tough, but ethereal at the same time". Tough it certainly was, pulling off such a magnificent undertaking, outside of her comfort zone is not for the fainthearted.

courtesy of Vogue

courtesy of Vogue

courtesy of Vogue

courtesy of Vogue

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