Amman, August 14, 2016
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Grey Hair Scare || 9 Vitamins & 6 Minerals To Avoid It

Why These Vitamins And Minerals Are Adequate For White Hair Prevention?

Though white hair does not have any permanent solution, it can be controlled by taking the following listed vitamins and minerals.If we add these vitamins and minerals to our daily diet, then there will be only a little bit possibility to turn greying hair, if white hair will not get to you as a genetic issue. So, keep these foods to your daily diet regularly for getting the very healthy hair.

Top 9 Vitamins That Help To Fight Against White Hair

Here are the top vitamins that will give your hair a boost and help to deliver proper natural energy to your hair. You can easily stop the process of hair whitening by having these vitamins from different kind of foods.

1 || Vitamin A

Vitamin A or Beta carotene is known as an antioxidant vitamin which helps to keep your scalp healthy and also provides proper sebum production. Vegetables, carrots, cabbage, spinach, fish liver are the main sources of vitamin-A.

2 || Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or niacin helps in proper blood circulation on the scalp. Fish, meat, rice bran, barley, peanut butter are the main origin of this vitamin.

3 || Vitamin B5

It is also called as Pantothenic acid. It helps to keep proper hair growth and hair loss prevention. You can find high amounts of vitamin-B5 in egg yolk, milk, potatoes and grains.

4 || Vitamin B6

It keeps proper melanin production for keeping hair so healthy. Whole grains, organ meat and egg yolk are the main source of Vitamin-B6.

5 || Vitamin B7

It is also recognized as a biotin. It helps to keep your hair so thick. Whole grains, milk, rice are the main sources of biotin.

6 || Vitamin B12

It helps to prevent hair loss and hair whitening. Eggs, milk and organ liver contain vitamin B-12.

7 || Vitamin C

It works as an antioxidant vitamin and helps to provide shiny hair. Potatoes, guava, broccoli, capsicum, green vegetables, red chilies contain vitamin C.

8 || Vitamin E

It gives extra strength for perfect blood circulation of scalp and therefore, prevents hair loss, and hair damage. Green vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds are the main source of Vitamin-E.

9 || Vitamin Inositol

It is highly important for hair follicles. Brown rice, banana, eggs, soy, nuts, whole grains and beef liver provide vitamin Inositol.

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Aug 14, 2016