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Amman, December 23, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

The Greatest OMG Fashion Moments of 2018 Part 1

Well it has been yet another rollercoaster year in fashion, with sustainability, labour rights and animal cruelty taking the lion’s share of the conversation. There was also the usual musical chairs of designers and fashion labels, not to mention the required conversation on the effectiveness of the fashion cycle and when and how it should be changed.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the most OMG moments in fashion, let’s see if you agree with us…

1 || When Her Majesty Queen Rania Wore Zara

It would be fair to say that I am a seasoned creative, and can spot a fake handbag a mile away. So it caught me completely by surprise when I mistook Her Majesty’s first Zara choice for vintage YSL, and her second for Tom Ford. OMG she looked fabulous!

2 || Clare Waight Keller’s Givenchy Bridal Gown for Meghan Markle

Clare’s entry to the world of Givenchy was a pretty subtle one. It was only when she was commissioned with the gown of what will probably be the wedding of the decade that things went North fast for the British designer. Although Meghan Markle’s dress was met with mixed reviews, Waight Keller’s name will forever be fabulously associated with the British Royal family. This association was further cemented with the strong bond that was formed between the Duchess and the designer on a professional and personal level.

3 || When Michael Kors Bought Versacé

If someone asked you which was more successful Michael Kors or Versacé chances are you would have said Versacé, before the buy out of course. A year after purchasing Jimmy Choo in 2017, Michael Kors went ahead and purchased the renowned Italian brand for a cool $2.12 billion.

4 || Fur and Exotic Skins Be Gone

Luxury brands have always associated themselves with hard to source furs and leathers. Alligator, mink and shark skin and the techniques used were synonymous with high-end brand. That was of course till the cruelty inflicted on these animals was revealed, forcing luxury brands to abort these practices.

Just to clarify, it hasn’t always been this way, but the increase in demand has created a need to provide skins at an impossibly fast speed.

But where does that leave these brands? It’s not exactly like we are keen on buying a faux fur jacket from Gucci or a PVC handbag from Chanel…

5 || When Céline Got Slimane-ized

Farewell Pheobe Philo, farewell accent. After ten years at the helm of Céline, British designer Phoebe Philo resigned the position only to be succeeded by French bad boy Hedi Slimane. Previously at Saint Laurent, the first thing the designer did was rob Celine of the accent, just as he robbed Saint Laurent of Yves. What entailed was a copy-cat fashion show that proved to the world that Hedi Slimane dictates the fashion at the Maison, not the other way round. Unlike designers that deep dive into the archives to come up with their authentic inspiration of the fashion house, Hedi did no such thing, and it didn’t go down well.

6 || Reality TV Stars in the White House

The irony of Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian posing for a photo in the Oval Office will forever be engrained in our memories. To be fair the reality TV star, Kim (not Donald) was there to advocate the leniency of prison terms for first time offenders, but it still raise a few many Botoxed brows.

7 || Kate Spade Passes

Kate Spade tragically passed away in 2018 from an apparent suicide. The irony perhaps was the company’s cheerful attitude to fashion which made the loss that much more shocking. The fifty some designer’s personal style was just as bright, blinding us to her mental issues and depressive tendencies.

8 || Anna Wintour Collaborates With Nike

We really didn’t expect Anna Wintour, the epitome of fashion snobbery to collaborate with Nike on a pair of basketball shoes. What surprised us even more was her now viral video announcing the collab. The shoes were instantly sold out, with a portion of sales going to Vogue Magazine. Could this be a future revenue stream for the ailing print magazine industry.

9 || An Italian In London

If there is one brand that perfectly reflects traditional British fashion it’s Burberry. As they say, you know it’s holiday time when Queen Elizabeth puts on her Burberry scarf and goes down to Sandringham by train.

So putting an Italian designer in this specific job didn’t come naturally to us.Since taking the helm at Burberry, Riccardo Tisci has changed the logo (of course), brought out a single runway collection merging both men’s and women’s, and adopted a ‘dropped’ system of collections.Small fashion increments provided on a monthly basis, and competitively hyped up on social media.

10 || Dior Puts Us Back In The Saddle

As the world of handbags moves forward with new styles, Dior takes us a few steps back with the Saddle bag of the early 2000s. There has certainly been hype surrounding the launch of this style. Some furiously rummaging through their closets for their vintage pieces, others snorting at the almost abusive social media strategy. Regardless of how you feel it was certainly an emotion-filled OMG moment.

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