Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, June 19, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Summer’s Six Swimwear Trends

The moment of truth…It’s your first pool day, how well will your swimwear function on a style and practical level? We’ve broken down the swimwear trends for you and added some friendly advice to boot, because that’s what girlfriends do.


Smocking is back and by the look of things here to stay for a while. There are two distinct takes on the trend. The smocked bandeau top (with or without sleeves) with a regular bottom, or a full on smocking fabric cut into an Eighties-inspired swimsuit.

The first version, the smocked top is best suited to ladies with a small upper body. The bandeau style accentuates the shoulders and the smocking will create some added volume in the chest area.

If you are top-heavy this style may not work. Other than the fact that there isn’t enough support it will draw unnecessary attention to the chest which will at that point be squashed into a uni-boob.

The second Eighties-inspired smocked swimsuit usually comes in bright colors as well, to add to the whole Madonna and Cindy Lauper vibe. If you were old enough to dance to these artists you should avoid this trend. Whether or not we like to admit it, if you were a teenager during a certain era it will always show, no need to walk down memory lane on this one!

Let’s Slash

There’s an awful lot of slashing going on this season. One-shouldered one pieces, monokinis slashed at the midriff and off course high-waisted bottoms slashed here and there for added sex appeal. These slashes may or may not be lined with some gauzy fabric the effect is the same though, creating flattering drama for those self-conscious ladies…

The eyes will always go where the slashes are. So with that in mind you can do two things. Draw attention to your favorite part with some slashes, and by default draw attention away from your less flattering parts.

Tied and Tested

Another strong trend this Summer is the bow, which means there are plenty of sashes to tie. Very pretty in concept these could be a bit of a nightmare in the sun tanning department. Another issue is the fact that when you tie something you tend to tie it tight thus squashing your assets, not cool. They also have a tendency of loosening in the water :(

If you are loving this feminine trend, make sure it’s pre-tied…

Sporty Gals

Sporty swimsuits invariably come in an athletic color-block or stripe. Although they don’t do much to accentuate your figure per sei there is a certain attitude that comes with ‘not trying too hard’. Remember that pretty tomboy that all the boys had a crush on in middle school? Well you can pretend to be her for a season. These swimsuits don’t usually have cups in either, feel free to add them if needed.

Liberty Florals

This trend is named after iconic British retailer Liberty, renowned for its unique floral designs. The bold island prints of last season have been traded in for these Laura Ashley-inspired fashions. Pretty and delicate, they could appear a little boring so add an extra style to the trend. A high-waisted bottom, a frill or even a bow!


Swimwear has always been fashionable but this season the runway trends have been translated quite literally into the swimwear. Love the polka dot trend, get it in a bikini, or perhaps the off shoulder ruffle.. Scalloped edges, vintage florals, retro prints and of course high-waisted styles are all having their day in the sun! Proceed with caution this trend isn’t always suntan-friendly.

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Jun 19, 2018