Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, November 7, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

The Final Word On Pantyhose And Sandals

The party season is upon us, and we are starting to pull out our glittery sandals. Many of us may have sorted it out already, the socks and sandals conundrum. For others, the jury is still out on what works for them personally. Here are the facts on wearing socks and sandals this holiday season.

1 || Sheer Pantyhose Should Remain “Sheer"

Sheer pantyhose were created to give color to pale legs. They are meant to be hidden inside closed toe shoes. Wearing these tights with sandals doesn't work, the seam at the top of the toe will be visible.

2 || Seamless Toe Sheer Pantyhose

The seamless toe pantyhose is a closed toe tight, without the toe seam. It can be worn in a variety of colors as long as the tights are a low denier. They need to appear sheer regardless of their color. These are the best option when the sandal has many straps.

3 || Toeless Sheer Pantyhose

The toeless sheer pantyhose works best in skin color. These tights are held in place with a thong like mechanism. With this style you need to pay for a quality product. The better the quality the more sheer the thong will be, and the more seamless it will appear when worn. Some lower quality versions end up looking like a foot brace.

The issue with going with a darker sheer color is if the sandal has multistraps, the difference in color between the “toeless" area, and the rest of the foot will look a little ridiculous.

It's better to wear a seamless sheer tight in a darker color in that case.

4 || Why You Are Wearing Tights Will Determine The Color

What color you should wear and thus the style of tights depends on why you are wearing them. Ultimately you could wear your sandals without pantyhose, right ?

Some people just need a little bit of coverage, pale winter legs tend to show every vein and bruise. In this case, a collant, a shade darker than your own skin will do nicely.

If you are wearing them because there is too much contrast between your wintery dress and your alabaster color legs, try a sheer barely black for dark outfits, and a dark beige for earth tones.

If you don't want your legs to show, you will need to go more opaque, which means toeless tights and sandals are not an option. Either wear fashionable socks and sandals, or a peep toe shoe with a toeless style hose.

5 || Say It Like You Mean It

If you do choose to wear a fashionable dark or patterned pantyhose with sandals, make sure you do it strongly, so people know you meant it!

6 || Blood Circulation

Whatever you choose, ensure that the socks don't cut off your blood circulation. What's the point of throbbing feet in sexy sandals. Too much elastic at the toe will do that, avoid ! You will thank us later.

This article was originally posted on 12 Feb, 2015

Nov 7, 2017