Amman, February 11, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Era Of Skin Care Fermentation || What You Need To Know

Beauty Fermented!

Let’s begin this article with an established fact; just like grapes turn into wine; (wine has greater overall antioxidant capacity (AOX) than grape juice), and cabbage into kimchi, by a process called fermentation, which results in foods that are more healing to the body inside and out, same goes for fermented skincare products.. Think of it as a process that enhances natural ingredients to turn them into more absorbable and potent counterparts..

So, if we are tackling fermented products, what is un-fermented skin care?

Unfermented skin care products make up the vast products around us.. Where skin care is created by heating up a blended formula to a high temperature and then cooling it down, which can potentially lower the effectiveness of the plant active.

When it comes to topical skin care, fermentation has nothing to do with heating up ingredients, instead, it makes nutrients more concentrated, effective, free of synthetics and easily absorbed. By transforming the natural substances in a moisturizer, serum or mask, enabling the skin to more readily accept and absorb these ingredients. The fermentation process produces amino acids and peptides which helps in skin cell renewal and rejuvenation.

Nutrients become more dense, reaping out the benefits in the most natural way.. Fermented yeast extract could help diminish the signs of skin aging by improving collagen synthesis. These beauty products often contain fruit, herbs and yeast, all of which can be fermented.

The beauty of fermented skincare products is that they are amazing when it comes to sensitive and dry skins.. As fermented products mimic cell functions, working with skin in a symbiotic fashion, adverse reactions are rare. Furthermore, because the fermentation process helps to preserve the product's shelf life with antimicrobial properties, they usually don't contain parabens.

How Does The Fermentation Process Work

Known to be the heart of Korean beauty ingredients, the process breaks down the molecular structure of the ingredients, and by adding live bacteria to the raw ingredients in fruits, herbs and yeast, it makes the nutrients more concentrated and more easily and rapidly absorbed. It can also produce additional skin-loving amino acids and antioxidants, and while the intestines produce enzymes, the skin does not, that’s where the beauty of fermented products comes in..

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Feb 11, 2018