Amman, April 17, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

The Case Of The Tanned Body And The Casper-White Face

Summer is just around the corner, and the rise of the SPF awareness is becoming ample. However, this attention is mostly given to our faces rather than our bodies.. Most of us have already soaked up the blissful sun rays during Spring break, and gave our vitamin D a well deserved natural boost, however the case of the white-face-tanned-body has emerged; so perplexing, so distracting and definitely so extreme!

If you take a glimpse on many celebrities out there, you will notice that no matter how much bronzer and makeup they use, you can pinpoint the ones with the casper-white faces atop a brown body.. The most valid celebrity example is Jennifer Aniston…

jennifer aniston

Other celebs who fall under that category are also easily spotted;

The Case Of The Tanned Body And The Casper-White Face
Demi Lovato
The Case Of The Tanned Body And The Casper-White Face
Emily Blunt
The Case Of The Tanned Body And The Casper-White Face
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Yes this happens to celebrities, so it can happen to you as well..

Which brings us to asking this valid question; what can we do with a face that is lighter than our bodies? I call it the Casper-the-friendly-ghost pale face..

To simply deny the fact that exposing our faces to direct sun rays will result in freckles, pigmentation and other skin problems is absolutely unacceptable, and I am not implying that by any means one should apply a zero SPF oil or cream to kind of unite the face and body shade into one.. Therefore I have been researching for efficient and safe approaches whereby a lady can sort of enjoy the beauty of a sun-kissed tan without damaging all her efforts in maintaining great skin during Winter, while simultaneously avoiding the multiple layers of dark makeup or falling into the orange-y self tan nightmare!

So below are the three options I discovered were very practical and safe to achieve that healthy looking bronze canvas…

1 || The Makeup Approach

The make up craze we are witnessing nowadays has simply skyrocketed, with endless brands that are offering an abundance of foundation shades, BB creams and bronzing balms. Always go for a 2 shades darker foundation than your usual and if you cannot spot the perfect one you can easily mix two shades to obtain the same shade as your body.. If you think it feels a bit off-ish and you are not a foundation fan by nature, then you should opt for bronzing balms, these aren't tanners; think of them as sheer, tinted moisturizers or BB creams with a slightly bronzey, illuminating hue. They will look more natural and will even out any skin tone without that heavy feel.. Another way of using makeup is of course contouring, either powder or cream based, contouring will help disguise a pale face..

2 || The Self Tanners Approach

Facial self tanners come in handy as long as you are skilled in terms of applying them in a perfect uniform way that will steer away from any blotching or un-evenness.. Always go for a tan formula designed specifically for the face that you can use a few times a week to maintain your glow. Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize before usage.. I find this option quite practical and the array of self tanning products available makes them easy to consider, my problem however is the fact that they tend to have an eerie smell that clings to the face and is repelling to many.. Don’t forget to apply to neck as well..

3 || The Shea Butter Approach

This approach works beautifully unless you mis-use it.. Medium to dark skin tones can go ahead and use shea butter to get a healthy tan while pale white skin tones are not eligible.. So if you’re someone who doesn’t burn easily in the sun you can choose to apply shea butter as a sunscreen when you’re under the sun. Another important issue to factor in is the timing of the day, as shea butter is known to naturally offer an SPF of 6 to 10 which is not enough to protect from the UV rays, it is not recommended to use it as sunscreen in the harsh hours of direct sunlight… That is between 10 am and 3 pm.. Always begin with higher sources of SPF (50+) when you’re under the sun in the peak hours of the day, however, if you felt like exposing your face to catch a little of a tan, then apply shea butter on top of your previous protection and enjoy the hydration it offers while enjoying a healthy looking tan..

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Apr 17, 2018