Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, July 19, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

The 10 Beauty Commandments of A Beach Holiday

There are two distinct reactions to a beach holiday, complete recklessness or complete fear. For good reason, the sun has played a serious role in our beauty routine for the past decade, so much so that we don’t quite know how to handle it anymore. Here are some key points or commandments to guide you.

1 || Retinol and the Sun || Wear Sunscreen

At this point you have probably been coaxed into using retinol. This vitamin A supplement has proven its ability to improve skin quality by increasing skin turnover. This basically means that you have new baby skin faster. But what about sun exposure? We have often hear the myth ‘never expose your skin to the sun if you are using retinol.’

There are two very different facts that need to be clarified. Firstly retinol should only be used at night because it loses effectiveness when exposed to the sun. Secondly, retinol makes the skin more sensitive to sun, therefore wearing a high SPF and reapplying every two hours is essential.

2 || SPF || More is not Better

SPF 50 is the 100% of sun protection. Using anything higher is not better or more effective. Another thing to take into consideration is the type of sunblock used. Mineral spf is actually a barrier that sits on your skin and ‘physically’ protects it from the sun. The way to identify this type is by its color - bright white! This is by far the most effective and safest block for you. Chemical sunscreens are easier to use because they go on clear. They work by converting the sun’s radiation into heat. This sunscreen is not healthy and loses its effectiveness fast, requiring re-application every two hours or so.

3 || SPF is a Must on A Cloudy Day

There are two kinds of sun rays that damage your skin. UVB rays are what we traditional consider the sun’s rays and affect our skin most when the sun is out. UVA rays are just as damaging but they aren’t ‘sun’ dependent. These invisible rays are always out and affecting our skin. Ensure you are using a broad spectrum spf that protects from both types of rays, and apply daily, rain or shine!

4 || Your Hair Needs SPF Too!

So you protect your skin but not your hair? What sense does that make? Your hair, your crowning glory also needs to be protected by the sun. There are a variety of conditioners and spritz’ that you can apply, and don’t forget your scalp. Other than affecting your hard-earned hair color, constant exposure to sun and heat can make hair dry and brittle. It can also weaken your hair follicle that may lead to hair loss.

5 || If You’ve Got Hyper-Pigmentation Avoid Heat Not Just Sun

If your skin breaks out in patches of pigmentation when sitting in the sun regardless of all the sfp you have applied, it’s because heat exasperates it as well. Stay cool, and apply a cool towel to your skin regularly.

6 || Salt Water and Chlorine Are Not Your Friends

Sea and pool water can wreak havoc on your hair. Not only do they affect the color of your hair but also the texture. Attempt to combat this by applying a layer of nourishing oil to your hair before dipping in. Whether you choose coconut or argan they will create barrier protecting the hair. Don’t forget to rinse your hair with fresh water in any case once you’re out of the water. One more thing, hair bands are really abusive to our hair, especially when wet, use a hair clip instead.

7 || After-Sun is Just As Important as SPF

Your face, hair and body need nourishment after a long day at the beach. Take the time to cleanse and then moisturize well in the evenings. Aloe vera will always be the perfect after-sun ingredient, look for products with rich emollients added as well. Massage these creams and oils into your hair and skin lovingly, ensuring that they really seep in. The problem with sun exposure is that your skin thickens, which means that it will require a bit more love to be best absorbed.

8 || From the Inside Out

The seven above points have stressed the importance of hydration. It makes sense that this same theory should be applied to the inside of your body as well. Suggesting that you drink plenty of water is a no brainer and a little embarrassing… We do however recommend that you consume fruits and vegetables high in water content such as watermelon and cucumber. Reduce your caffeine intake or pass on it all together, its natural diuretic is not your friend at the beach.

9 || Beat the Bloat

So you’ve sorted your beauty routine out and then choose to have sushi and little too much to drink in the evening…What a total and complete waste of time! Who needs to look bloated at the beach? Avoid foods with high salt content, excess alcohol in addition to beans and legumes that may bloat you.

10 || Find the Right Hat

Hats don’t have to be for old people. If the thought of a broad-brimmed sun hat and oversized sunglasses frighten you find something else that works. You need to protect your head from the heat too you know…Sunstroke is just as unattractive. A cotton bandana perhaps or even a baseball cap, what ever ‘floats your boat’, no pun intended ;)

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Jul 19, 2018