Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, December 18, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Ten Items You Really Need To Bin Before The End Of 2018

Don’t get us wrong, these ten items aren’t ugly at all. On the contrary they have been popular for many seasons and have seriously run their course. Out with the old and familiar and in with the new in 2019. So what’s the new that’s in? That’s a post for another day!

1 || The Side Stripe Pant

Adidas-inspired and Gucci-glorified, it is finally time to bid this trend farewell. It has served us well that’s for sure, skimming an inch or so off our hips and and giving us a formalized look even in the form of sweatpants.

2 || The Boyfriend Jean

No need to panic, baggy denim is still in, just not in the form of the boyfriend pant which typically sits low on the hips and serves a healthy dose of man-repeller. 2019 is the year of the high-waisted baggy pant. In soft denims and floaty fabrics, we can’t wait to feel like a woman again.

3 || Distressed Denim

Remember the thoughts that crossed your mind when you doled out hundreds of dollars on terribly distressed jeans, well you were right… It’s over, and there is little you can do with these babies other than store them in a box and hope to God they will come back in style, in exactly in the same way, before you have gained or lost any substantial weight! You still need to get your money’s worth…

4 || Pinstriped Fashion Blouse

So how many shirts of this style do you own? We’re guessing around 5, thankfully they are probably mostly from Zara. At the start of the trend you may have invested in a VB or Monse Maison, then Zara just made more sense…. Again, it’s been a great run, and lots of fun, adios!

5 || The Pinafore Dress

This trend was alive for all of five minutes which might make you want to prolong it for an extra season or so… Nope, cut your losses and just store or ‘cut it’ into a pretty skirt.

6 || The Belt Bag

Not to be confused with the cross-body belt bag, this teeny tiny bag that hardly holds your essentials is gone. Gucci made us to do it, and although they were liberating at first, it just got a little annoying holding all your other essentials in a second more reliable handbag.

7 || Cargo Jacket

It was hard to imagine life without our reliable cargo jackets. Thankfully the trench coat and black jacket are back to take their place and give us a much needed dose of glamour. They won’t be gone for long though so hold onto them.

8 || Instructions

Thank you Virgil, next…. Graphics will be playing an important part in our fashion for seasons to come. From feminist quotes to reminders to vote, there will always be an occasion to emblazon on our clothes with suggestions, instructions for use however are not one of them…

9 || The Cold Shoulder

We will finally give this trend the cold shoulder. Boy has this been a successful trend, especially in the color off white, perfect for showing off our fresh tan. Fear not, there will be something else on the horizon soon.

10 || The Frayed Crop

Oh how we love this trend, and have chosen to keep it at #10 just incase we change our minds before the end of the article. Again this is a classic example of ‘enough already’ and not, ‘that was silly’… Till we meet again.

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