, November 14, 2018
by Hala Oran

Stella McCartney Debuts New Bridal Line || Made With Love

If you’re anything like us then you’ve probably been surprised to find out that Meghan Markle’s second wedding dress was a Stella McCartney. Well Stella wasn’t exactly in the bridal game until today. “Made With Love” is Stella McCartney’s long-awaited wedding-wear line which is a natural extension of her signature evening wear.

Stella McCartney’s new bridal line is this modern-day take on the wedding dress, a la Meghan Markle’s second wedding dress of the day. It actually all started after the royal wedding where clearly many requests were made for replicas of Markle’s wedding gown. The fashion house actually did produce limited replicas of the gown in both black and white.

“I think the house of Stella McCartney really represents something a little more effortless, and that’s incredibly reflecting of the bride and her personality and what she wants to wear even outside of that important day.” Stella McCartney explained.

The first collection is comprised of 17 pieces ranging from sleek bridal gowns, to lace jumpsuits and ivory tuxedoes. And in line with her commitment to sustainability, McCartney chose to work with sustainable viscose in addition to modern versions of lace and chiffon. The gowns are available at Stella McCartney stores by private appointment as well as retailers such as Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols.

The collection will eventually include accessories, flower girls and page boys as well as men’s wear. The bridal customers will expect to receive a bespoke service- in-store, each piece will bear the blue tag of “Made With Love”, and prices will start at 675 pounds.

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