, June 12, 2018
by Hala Oran

Speak The Language Of Diamonds With Kayali

Wish Upon A Star….. cross that …I think it’s time we wished upon something much more valuable and tangible… diamonds for example!! Amman’s leading jewelry destination Kayali are capitalising on that wish….literally… with their WISH loyalty program that provides brides-to-be with out-of-this-world deals on everything related to wedding preparations. Alissar Flowers, Sposabella, The Cakery, Travel One, Gaia’s Cocoon, and Aladdin Qattouri all joined forces and partnered with Kayali Jewelry to provide amazing deals and discounts to those embarking on the journey of their lives. On one condition, that the bride purchase her bridal jewelry from Kayali,,, which shouldn’t be very difficult …given Kayali’s expertise, taste and amazing collections for every female out there.

I personally was never into diamonds….that being said you should probably know that when I was getting engaged… some few years back…. I was happily and naively clueless and I gladly allowed others to direct the way …But the curious person that I am, this incident sparked my interest and thus began my journey of self-learning and discovery, though I am no where near knowledgable but some research and snooping around never hurt anyone ….However, for those who personally know me; kindly refrain from making any judgements with regards to my choice of jewelry as I’m still a happy novice and a novice I might remain. So…..when, what, why, and how do you diamond???

The reason why I’m such a self-proclaimed novice is that I used to find it very difficult to make a diamond purchase and we’re not even discussing prices yet. I feel that investing in a diamond piece is an extremely personal experience; I’m not the kind of person to keep going back and forth exchanging and replacing diamond pieces, when I make the investment I will be hoping that it’s forever but if that’s too ambitious then it should at least last me a good few years or perhaps my daughters would want to pick it up if I tire from it… which has gladly started to happen.

So what should I look for in a diamond? I guess we are all familiar with the 4 Cs of diamonds; carat, color, clarity, and cut. Just a brief review is in order here though most of you are probably aware of the facts. Carat refers to size obviously, and this is definitely determined by budget, but if you’re the person to prefer size over quality then definitely go ahead because this is a very personal choice. As for color, it is also a known fact that the whiter the diamond the better quality it is. When it comes to clarity, and this is where we should probably invest, the purer the diamond the more expensive it gets so you may want to inquire about the clarity of your diamond before you embark on a serious purchase. The cut is the easiest one and this is definitely determined by taste, though it is said that round diamonds make the best investment as they retain their value however, we say leave it to your desires.


So if you’re a bride, already married, or have no attention to make that decision anytime soon it just DOES Not Matter; because diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend. So take yourself to Kayali Jewelry and allow yourself to be pampered while you treat yourself to an investment that not only is the best deal you can get but will probably be a piece that you will love forever.

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Jun 12, 2018